Squatted cities

Squatters community

A community of artists

Squatters live in cities that became abandoned at the end of the 21th century. Brussels is the capital city of the squatter community. The city is a sanctuary for artists, musicians, inventors and many other free minded souls. They have a festival like lifestyle.

A city within a city:

Earthships and parks

Earthship like constructions in parks and overgrown ruins are used as residential houses. They use primitive solar technology and up-cycled materials. The parks function as an agricultural permaculture system.

Mobile  production plants

The old rail infrastructure is used to move small production workshops in the city. The mobile production units are equipped with a wide range of machinery to construct and produce on the spot.

Tiny houses

In the past century the tiny house movement had a significant influence. Narrow alleys, parking-lots, squares, old roads or other public space are all used to build tiny houses.

Digital fabrication

Squares and open spaces count many digitally fabricated houses. Houses built with prefab demountable parts. Construction waste from the old buildings is often used.