Formicid bots

Formicid robots

Swarm intelligence

Formicid robots (called formicids) are derived from ants. They are hybrids, living machines, programmable organisms or biological machines with mechanical parts. They act as one single organism. A decentralized, self-organized system in favor of their hosts.

Formicid Transporter

This robot is used to transport products from city to city. This is the largest formicid to be found, it has a large storage cargo unit at his back.

Length: 4 meter

Formicid Constructor

This extremely strong robot is designed to help during construction of new buildings, roads or infrastructure.

Length: 1,80 - 3,50 meter

Formicid Chemist

The chemist is a walking lab, it is used to design new materials and medicines. It derives its ingredients mostly from plants.

Length: 1,20 meter

Formicid Grabber

The grabbers help during the harvest of energy eggs. With his two strong grab-tools this robot can be used to help with numerous other tasks from construction works to waste- management.

Length: 0,80 - 1,20 meter

Formicid Scout

This very fast and viable small robot is used to scout, it can stay away for weeks in search for information. It is highly intelligent and can collect information about food, useful locations for new settlements or roads, raw materials, weather and climate conditions.

Length: 0,30 meter

Formicid Forager

The forager is programmed to collect crops, food and raw materials.They leave town in search for these resources.

Length: 0,75 meter

In 2020 Xenobots were the first biological machines ever made. Robots derived from frog stem cells.

Copyrighted photos from Alex Wild:

Ants are known to be superorganisms. They were the inspiration to design the formicid robots.