Thylakoid towers

Thylakoid towers

Water distribution

The towers inside the large geodesic domes are shaped just like the microscopic thylakoids inside chloroplasts. The towers are used to facilitate the hundreds of courses organized in Phoenix dome.

Phoenix dome uses an organic water distribution system. Each tower has an organic root. The controlled growth process makes it possible for engineers to steer the root till it reaches aquifers at deeper ground levels.

Thousands of small branches absorb water. Inside the root system capillary forces push the water upwards. During this upward movement the water gets filtered and becomes potable.


Parks on the rooftop level

There are no roads or motorized vehicles to be found on the ground level, only walking paths. The airways are bridges connecting the different thylakoid towers. Small hydrogen fueled vehicles use the Airways to transport people from tower to tower. Inside the towers there is an elevator system to transport vehicles up or downwards.

Residents use the rooftop parks and gardens from the thylakoid towers for leisure.