Food islands

Ocean forests

Each food island is covered with vegetables and fruit-bearing plants. Thousands of these floating islands form a vast ocean forest that provides food to the Purple fleet.

Biomimicry: Virus

The bacteriophage T4 virus served as the inspiration for the floating islands. After infiltrating an E. Coli cell, the virus self-assembles. Separate sets of proteins self-assemble to form all the necessary components of the virus.


The virus inspired designers to develop a range of self-assembling materials that can form an organized complex structure. By bringing the materials into an aquatic environment small-scale interactions occur that lead to an equilibrium and a final form (the food island).

The yellowish “eggs” carry seeds of plants that immediately start to grow. The long tail ensures stability and the fibrous tentacles absorb nutrients out of the sea water.

Production ships

The Purple fleet is responsible for the production of the self-assembling islands. The floating city counts several large production ships. The huge ship dwells the ocean towards a desired coast line where an ocean forest can be created. Once a desired spot is found the self-assembling components are released in the water. This process happens in front of the ship in the middle of a circular control unit. All conditions, like the temperature, the electrostatic energy field, the conductivity, the radiation... can be controlled to initiate the different assembly processes.