Floating cities

The Purple Fleet: The floating city

The Purple Fleet is the capital city of the trade community. The city is located near Halmahera Island (part of the Moluccan Islands). The purple fleet is a floating city. The city is divided into different zones, each with its specific function. If the weather conditions become hostile the city can move to more quiet waters.

1) Welcome Platform

2) Educational Platform

3) Water-bus station

4) Artifical Growth Center

5) Victoria Amazonica Platform

6) HQ Harbour Purple Fleet

7) Raybot Center

8) Floating food islands

9) Langkwani city palace

10) Sultan Palace: oldest palace of The Purple Fleet

11) Cremia treasure room: collection of trade relics

12) Golden shell palace

13) Muarankang fish market

14) Harbour registration office

15) Harbour for unregistered boats

16) Little Venice: Venice city palaces rebuilt

17) Roosevelt Hilton Hotel

18) Beverage quay

19) Seafood Universe: famous seafood restaurant

20) OmMA: Oceano museum for Modern Art

21) Abu Dhabi Palace

22) Nomad Islands: platforms inhabited by the nomad people

23) Zeno fesitval platform

24) Fruit quay

25) Promenade platform

26) Sea life center

27) Sail museum: The largest collection of sail ships in the world

28) Seamen's graves

29) Statue park

30) Tropicana park

31) Airport

32) Eel ship repair platform

33) Food Island production platform

34) The Needle