Amazonica platforms

Victoria Amazonica :

The structure of the Victoria Amazonica leaf gives the plant its extraordinary properties to carry heavy weights. The leaves are sturdy thanks to the veins on the underside. This plant inspired botanical engineers to design a large organic platform that can carry the buildings of the Purple Fleet.


The large artificial platforms are hybrid plants. A mangrove like root system is attached underneath the platform. The root system desalinates the sea water so it becomes potable for the inhabitants of the city.

Sea palm - Sea Pen:

  • Postelsia palmaeformis or the Sea Palm grows on rocky wave-swept shores. The plant bends against the lateral forces of incoming waves. The sea palm outstretches completely and then springs back upright.

  • Ptilosarcus or the Sea Pen has the unique ability to twist around a lengthwise axis. This type of joint is used to stand unbent on bay bottoms and rotate when facing strong currents.

    The unique biomechanical properties of both plants are combined in the organically engineered cables and anchors that keep the platforms in its place.