Capital of the science community

Udachny is the capital city of the science community. It is an underground city and it is the largest research and design facility for robots. The city is built around an old abandoned diamond mine. It became the leading example of how human made landmarks can be turned into new livable cities. The open pit mine is the centre of the city. In the middle of the mine rises a huge sky scraper (the termite tower). Around the mine you 'll find the residential zone (colored yellow on the maps). The R&D facilities are situated in underground science blocks. Each Science Lane counts two science blocks. The city counts an outer VacTube transport ring and one underground inner ring.


In the fifties of the 20th century The Russians found a large kimberlite pipe in Yakutia. To excavate diamonds they used a surface mining technique called open pit mining. With the world biggest machines the mine workers dug out enormous holes. Once such mine had no commercial value anymore the mine got abandoned. If possible the mine could undergo land rehabilitation to help restore it in its former natural state. In 2076 Udachny became the first underground city that was built in and around an  open pit mine.

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