Biomimicry: Digger Series XC4

Biomimicry as a design philosophy

In Udachny designers strictly follow the biomimicry design principles. They rely on extensive nature studies made by the NatureLAB.

The naked mole rat

The naked mole rat is a remarkable animal. They nearly don't age, remain cancer free and can move as fast forward as backward. They are equipped with an arsenal of extraordinary digging tools. The  digger XC4 series have some of the DNA of this little creature.

Natural digging machine

The most astonishing tool are their teeth. They can move them separately while they dig. They operate in groups and together they fulfill complex burrow tasks. In order to make them the most complete animal digging machines they are equipped with some excellent and very sensitive sensors.

The XC 4 digger robots @ work

The strength of the XC 4 series is its ability to communicate with its fellow digger robots. The ingenious communication system of the naked mole rat is embedded in the robots. The XC4 is a so called hybrid, a robot that uses a mixture of techniques and tools from different animal diggers. The XC4 copies for instance the claws from the aardvark.