Star cities

La Nouvelle Nantes:

The capital city of a worldwide agricultural community. This city counts 7 starfish like buildings clustered along the former French coast at Brittany.

Architectural inspiration:

Echinoderms like the well-known starfish and sea urchin have a mesodormal skeleton composed of calcareous plates or ossicles. The cellular solid material of the skeleton has a foamy structure. Small holes reduce the chance of cracking.

Cross section A-A

1. Dorsal plate

2. Supramarginal plate

3. Inframarginal plate

4. Ambulacral plate

5. Adambulacral plate

Tsunami resistant:

Coastal zones with a severe risk of tsunami floods use a new range of 

cellular solid materials to lower the damage after a heavy storm. La Nouvelle Nantes architects have build these starfish like buildings that mimic the crack resistent skeleton of a starfish.